The future of car buying, now available in the present.
We know buying a new car hasn't always been as smooth a process as we'd all like. We hear you. So we're happy to introduce Hyundai Shopper Assurance. Every step simplified for your convenience, including presenting online pricing right up front. It's a whole new car buying experience designed to save you time and help make buying your new car as enjoyable as driving it.
We list the price up front and online for new vehicles in our inventory. With local pricing conveniently available, you can be confident in the price you'll pay for your chosen vehicle. Transparent pricing upfront not only makes it easier to shop and compare, but allows you to make faster, better-informed decisions. You save time and you're in control from the beginning.

A test drive has never been more convenient. You can schedule this for any model in stock. Or, if you would like to see how a new Hyundai fits your life or just how it looks in your driveway, have us bring the vehicle to your home or place of work. This can be especially convenient for parents at home with children, as well as, those who would prefer their test drive be on familiar roads. You can simply set it up with Hyundai Drive*, online, or by calling. As our thanks, you'll receive a cash incentive for trying out a new Hyundai.
To help you spend even less time at the dealership, you can review and finalize all the details of your purchase online. Whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you.


We're sure you'll love your new Hyundai. But if for any reason, it isn't all you hoped, we want you to be happy. 3-Day Worry-Free Exchange turns potential second thoughts into peace of mind. You can return it within 3 days and exchange it for another Hyundai vehicle. It's easier to be confident in your decision, knowing you're free to change your mind later.